Tractors and Trucks Shackle Island Collector's Club was organized March 25, 2007. We have had an exciting year! The "Spring Show" on June 9, 2007 was our first venture into the "show" business, with 81 exhibitors.

The "Fall Harvest Show," on October 13, 2007, hosted 55 exhibitors. During the fall show we concentrated on harvest time when gathering the crops and preparing for the winter months were very busy times on the farms. We initiated more activities and experienced growth from our "Spring Show" to our "Fall Harvest Show."

The Micro-Mini Tractor Puller's Association joined us in October and I was simply amazed at the power generated by these six to eight-pound tractors. Why, one little tractor even pulled 800 pounds, and I didn't believe it either until I watched it myself on the Show's DVD. We also witnessed Firemen wielding knitting needles! They did a remarkable job and attracted quite a crowd as they performed their handiwork demonstration.

It has been quite a journey this past year and The Shackle Island Collector's Club has flourished with generosity from its members, Tyson Foods, and friends and neighbors of the club. We appreciate their time, money, and resources that have helped us succeed.

As we closed the 2007 year, we were able to donate almost $1,400.00 to the Shackle Island Volunteer Fire Department. We are very grateful.

God Bless You,

Gary Davis, President

Tractors and Trucks    Shackle Island Collector's Club Inc.